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Prince and The Revolution - Mountains

Once upon a time in a land called Fantasy 
17 mountains stood so high 
The sea surrounded them & together they would be 
The only thing that ever made you cry 

You said the devil told you that another mountain would appear 
Every time somebody broke your heart 
He said the sea would one day overflow with all your tears 
& love will always leave you lonely 

But I say it’s only mountains & the sea 
Love will conquer if you just believe
It’s only mountains and the sea 
There’s nothing greater, you & me

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Soul Power (The Greatest Music Festival, 1974)

Orson Welles’ Last Interview (Merv Griffin Show 1985)

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Prince // International Lover

The greatest artist of all time!

"Welcome 2 Satisfaction
Please remain awake until the aircraft has come 2 a complete stop
Thank U 4 flying Prince International
Remember next time you fly…fly the international… lover..”

- Prince

1999 -

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